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PA Nail Sticker (Jewel)

A jewelry type nail sticker designed using acrylic stones. With this convenient stickers, there's no need to pick up indevidual stones and neatly place each stone to achieve fine patterns. Simply peel the desired pattern, and place them on your nails to enjoy a glamorous finish. It wil easily come off with a remover. For finisshing, apply a heavy layer of top coat for a long lasting manicure. There are 12patterns on each sheet.

PA Nail Sticker
White Drops
Star 01

PA Nail Sticker
Pink Drops
Star 02

PA Nail Sticker
Pastel Candy
Star 03

PA Nail Sticker
Pink Symphony
Star 04

PA Nail Sticker
Star 05

PA Nail Sticker
Heart Heart
Star 06

PA Nail Sticker
Rainy Day
Star 07

PA Nail Sticker
Twinkle Stone
Star 08

PA Nail Sticker
Pure Heart
Star 09

Pa Nail Sticker
Musical Note
Star 10

PA Nail Sticker
Happy Rainbow
Star 11

PA Nail Sticker
Love-Pop- Ribbon
Star 12

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Nail sticker

A very convenient type of sticker that won't peel off in daily life, but will easily come off with a remover. Made out of rubber, this sticker will fit the curve of your nails smoothly and is also waterproof. Apply an additional layer of top coat once every 2-3 days for longer wear

(Price $8.50 each)

Pa Nail Sticker
Ribbon Fleur
Peta 95

PA Nail Sticker
Character Ribbon
Peta 96

Pa Nail Sticker
Union Teddy
Peta 97

Pa Nail Sticker
Smile Star
Peta 98

Pa Nail Sticker
Leopard Lovely
Peta 98
Pa Nail Sticker
Gradation Dried Flower
Peta 100

pa Nail Sticker


3D Jewelry Nail Sticker

3-D sculpture stickers garnished with rhinestones. With this all-in-one sticker, thre're no need to arrange, and glue the stones and 3-D stickers separately. Simply peel the sticker with rhinestones, place them on your nails, and you can easily achieve the quality of proffesional nail art.Apply an additional layer of top coat once every 2-3 days for longer wear.

(Price $13 Each)

pa 3D jewelry
Nail Sticker

Jewelry Nail Sticker

(Price $13.50)

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